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Rewards for prepping at home, step
by step, are better flavor, less waste

Andrew Spurgin recreates Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s 1591 painting Vertumnus from fresh produce

By Chef Andrew Spurgin

Presented by Polyscience 

By Chef Andrew Spurgin

Presented by Polyscience 

The Smoking Gun makes your

kitchen and bar creations appealing and unique. There are virtually no other methods that allow you to make such big flavor and aroma differences so easily.

The movers, shakers and cookie makers

to keep an eye on this year.

Ring in the new year in vogue.

We surveyed caterers and other industry experts from coast to coast (and across the pond) to find out what's haute and happening in 2014. Read up and get ready!

Snail's with Smoked Sheep's Yogurt
Dashi Sea Urchin Panna Cotta
On The Lot
With Andrew Spurgin
Enjoying The Whole Fish
Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Chef's Roll: A Professional Network
For Chefs
San Diego's Magazine's 50 People
To Watch
Trendy Twenty Fourteen
Sea Urchin, Vietnamese Fish Sauce and Sudachi
The Smoking Gun
Culinary Quest Sprang from Aunts’ Eatery
Dine like a Chef this Thanksgiving
See Andrew's Recipe for Brussels Sprouts & Bacon

Warner Brothers Studio Special

Event interview Andrew Spurgin

Union Tribune interviews Andrew's culinary background in London

Andrew Spurgin shares his Yorkshire pudding recipe

Master Planner

Culinary Time Travel

Everyone loves to travel in time, read about how we create unique opportunities to transport guests to a different era.

Picnics truly can be a luxe event.

Master of Ceremonies

A San Diego event visionary, Andrew Spurgin is reconnecting the way we party. Let them eat cake!

Fish Tales How caterers are catching

on to the sustainable seafood


Andrew's thoughts on sustainable

seafood & his recipe for Pacific salt

crusted Fish with ginger

scallion sauce

Catering Magazine profiles in-depth

article about Culinary Time Travel™

& some of the journeys our clients

have traveled back in time into

Culinary Time Travel™
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